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Never Used To Roo

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Kasey, my 9 yr old Grey, has never been a rooing Grey. She might join in if another Grey is rooing at a park but only for a few seconds. About a month ago we lost my Swissy to Cancer, it was Kasey's best bud and Kasey had never been an "Only dog". I was worried how the transition would go but surprisingly Kasey has done great. She seems happy, eats well, sleeps a lot(the norm with her), plays with her toys and loves her nightly walk and rides to the school. The only difference is she has begun to roo, I have only noticed her doing it when I get home. I pull in the garage and can hear her rooing inside. Once I am in all is well again. She doesn't seem stressed or anxious just roos. When I leave she just watches through the window or sleeps, again doesn't seem anxious. Today I was mowing our front lawn and she was in the backyard sunning herself on the deck. As I shut off the mower I could hear her rooing out back. I snuck in and checked out the window and she was just standing on the deck rooing away. It's not a problem, it's not bothering anyone I just want to make sure this doesn't mean she is lonely, sad etc? I really see no other signs so I am curious why she has started the rooing. Just want my girl happy! Anyone have any insight or experienced this?

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Hard to say, but it's probably a big adjustment for her, as it is for you. Are you able to setup a camera to record her or a webcam to see if she's doing it all day? If all day, I'd say lonely. If only when you get home, then it's probably a welcome home message.


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I've seen changes in my dogs after each passing of a pack mate. With the passing of Wink last week, Birdie has become hugely energetic doing the crazy zoomies she did as a 3 year old in the house. She is demanding "out" times more frequently and digging huge holes and running laps in our big yard. She was rooing along to a youtube the other day. (she is not much of a rooer)

I wonder if she was just keeping it all on the down low while Wink was so fragile. They are such sensitive dogs.


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Guest VelvetOkie

with multiple dogs they have their own language and ways of communication with each other, a lot of which is non verbal. now that her friend is gone she still needs someone to "chat" with and since its you she is attempting to speak your language. i read once that rooing is a way to be involved with the family going ons. humans tend to be verbal.. talking, singing etc. so my guess is shes chatting away with a family member just like she always has, except now she is speaking her best people language where before she could relay messages via the non verbal dog language.

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