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Uriniating While Sleeping

Guest shivelyeg

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Guest shivelyeg

Hi All!


This is my first post! I am so glad to be here and be able to discuss our precious dogs!! I apologize if this is a repeat question, I didn't see anything similar so wanted to post my own discussion.


My husband and I adopted our first girl, Koli, April 20, 2013...so 5 months :) I had greys growing up but this is our first greyhound that we are responsible for ourselves haha, so there are a lot of new experiences for us. She just turned 2 last month so she still has some puppy tendencies.


Last week, my husband and I went on a trip to TN with his family, we were gone Friday-Wednesday so about 5days without her. She stayed at my dad's house, as she did in August for 8 days when we were in Canada-and she had no problems, other than pouting because we had left her. This time, he took her to my aunt and uncle's for dinner and they have a fenced in yard she loves to play in. She had fallen asleep on my dad on the couch and she just peed while she was sleeping! She has never done anything like that. A day or two later, she did the same thing in my dad's bad. She has only had accidents in the house when we weren't listening to her signs, or if she was on prednisone and couldn't hold it. The week before we left, she also had pooped in the basement (we leave her baby gated in the basement when we are working/away from home, with the tv on and her food and water down there with her). I think it was because a storm went through and she was scared of that. My husband has also smelled pee on the blankets in the basement a couple times, and she would have peed while we were gone.


So...I do not know if this is a separation anxiety issue or a health issue. She is never content until me and my husband are both home-if one of us is home without the other, she will pout until we are both there. But since it hasn't occurred until recently, I'm wondering if it's a health issue. She is not acting lethargic or any different than usual. In fact, she has seemed to get more comfortable recently--more "into" things, more curious, more playful.


Any ideas?! I have heard UTI/bladder infection being a possibility, as well as a hormone problem with spayed dogs. Who knows?! Thanks for any help in advance!! :)

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