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Cranberry Juice For A Dog Uti

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I'm 99% certain Henry has a UTI--appointment is at 9:30 tomorrow morning. In the meantime, is it okay to give him cranberry juice (assuming he'll drink it)?


Hopefully this isn't TMI, but I keep straight, undiliuted, unsweeted cranberry juice around for me, mix it 1/2 with water, and it helps a lot. But I didn't know if this was safe for him--I thought I'd try a little bit of it in his water to see if he it helps him feel better until we can get him on an antibiotic.

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I've had Aston on cranberry-extract capsules ever since he got his first UTI a few years ago (one in his food each morning). Unfortunately, he came down with another UTI a few months ago, but I'm keeping him on cranberry pills in hopes that it still reduces incidence of UTIs.

In my experience, taking cranberry pills (straight juice isn't palatable for me) has reduced my UTIs to *almost* nil since 2007. Actually, I hadn't had a UTI since the day I started taking cranberry in 2007 (and I'd had them about every 6 weeks for a few years up to that point)... until TODAY, when I was diagnosed with a UTI. UGH!
I still do believe that cranberry is really helpful in making it hard for bacteria to adhere to the urinary tract.

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Hold off on the cranberry until they collect the urine--will change the ph value. They are going to want yo see what it has been-then by all means give the cranberry. The cranberry has been shown to inhibit the bacteria to adhering to the bladder wall and thereby allowing the bacteria to be voided during urination.

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