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Therapaw Question

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Tracker was diagnosed with a corn last week and I got Tracker's Therapaw today. I tried it on tonight for the first time. When he puts his weight on that foot, and the boot bends, the part where the pad meets the softer (neoprene) part of the boot makes a really weird, hard crease. It has to, because the material has to move out of the way in order to bend. This looks uncomfortable to me, as if it might press pretty hard on his knuckles. Of course he'll have to get used to walking with the boot on, and tonight he walked like a Tennessee Walking Horse, but will this soften with time? I don't want him to start hating the boot. What have others' experiences been with the boots in this department?



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My Conor hated Therapaws for exactly that reason. Neopaws are much more comfortable for him.


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Mork's been wearing them for 9 years. We don't walk so far anymore, but we used to walk up to 4 miles a day. He never had huge issues in that spot, but he did with his dew claws rubbing...I just stick a piece of blue painters tape under them now.


You could put on a small thin baby sock to protect his toes.

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Kasey never took well to Therapaws, but some dogs seem to tolerate them well. We used it just to protect his pads when walking on salt and cold sidewalks in the winter. I'm actually not certain that we got the right size for him either, even though a representative sized him in person at a booth who we bought it off of. I noticed a lot of redness on his knuckles after we take them off, so something indeed was rubbing. While the sole is awesome, I just don't think the interior of the boot is superior (hard seams in the wrong places). The last straw was when his dew claw paw pad (the one high up on his leg) nearly tore off after he was jumping around in the snow and the wrist part of the boot somehow cut it! We now use Muttluks instead for winter walking




and I've moved to the the reusable rubber kind for corn treatment (indoor use). Haven't tried it outdoors yet.



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Seamus wears Therapaws for corns, and while they do soften a bit with wear, they remain fairly stiff. The front part never rubbed enough to bother him, but he did get sores on the side of his foot where it contacted. It finally turned into callous and hasn't bothered him since. We also have Neopaws which I use off and on. They don't always stay on even when I cinch them up tight, but they definitely conform to foot shape better than the Therapaw.


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