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Merrick Grain Free Beef To Iams Green Bag

Guest ZBippy

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We had been feeding Purina One Beyond with great success for nearly a year when they changed the formula (switched from oatmeal to barley) and it became very difficult to find in larger bags. Over the last month, we transitioned our greys to Merrick Grain Free beef.


They are now fully on the Merrick and our one dog, Exeter, has had diarrhea several times this week. It started on Monday when I was gone and they were gated together in one room. Then it happened again overnight that night. Since I did not know which of the three was doing it, I skipped breakfast for all of them that day, gave them rice for supper, and then the next day they had chicken and rice. Then I took two meals to transition them back to just kibble.


Now Lee and Tammy are fine but Exeter just woke me up at 4:30 to go outside and he had diarrhea. I have read several threads suggesting Iams green bag dog food for loose stools. is it best to transition to it slowly or switch cold turkey? I know the norm is to transition slowly but I am not sure if the diarrhea changes that.

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