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Reggie Woke Up And His Inner Eyelids Would Not Retract.


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We just had a horribly alarming incident with Reggie but now he is resting comfortably as if nothing happened. He was sleeping on the couch and when he woke and lifted his head we realized his inner eyelids on both eyes weren't retracting. His eyes were open and he kept twitching like he was trying to see but the inner eyelids were just stuck. Luckily, Reggie remained calm while Jason and I were freaking out. We were trying to get his attention and figure out if he was having a stroke or something. He was slowing turning his head back and forth and his eyes were twitching - I guess he was just trying to get his inner eyelids to retract. Finally, after a couple of very long minutes the inner eyelids did slowly retract. Reggie followed our hand motions with both eyes, confirming he could see ok. I got up to get him a small treat (just to confirm that he was "all there" I wanted to make sure he could still get up, walk, etc,) and he followed me into the kitchen as if nothing had happened. Now Reggie's back on the couch just hanging out and licking it (one of his favorite pastimes); he seems fine. His eyes are wide open now (a normal amount, though). Reggie's 8, no prior health problems. Anyone have a clue what just happened? It is literally like his inner eyelids just malfunctioned for a minute.

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Not sure how one would handle this ... so I checked the web .. here is one link ...(not very helpful)




I would probably take picture to show the vet and see what he/she says. Most of the other articles online talked about a variety of reasons for this including the nerve/muscles not working right.

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Sorry you had a freaky moment! Are you talking about the pink membrane that sits at the inner corner of the dog's eye? That's the 3rd eyelid, and it actually does not actively retract but is *pushed aside* by the eyeball. Did it look like this?


A sunken eyeball + visible 3rd eyelid is called enophthalmos. Normally, the 3rd eyelid just sort of sits there. It doesn't move on its own. It's the big bulging eyeball that pushes it out of the way. Normally, there are smooth muscles that help keep the eyeball protruding slightly, constantly pushing the 3rd eyelid back. A possible reason for the smooth muscles not functioning properly and letting the eyeball sink is some kind of sympathetic nervous issue. If it happened once, I wouldn't worry too much. Maybe his head was laying on something and putting pressure on some nerves. If it happens frequently or combines with other signs, then, I'd be worried about a muscular or neural issue.

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Happened here once to Pinky. Her eyes were dry..



Natural tears drops in her eyes and she was good to go.


Unless it happens again I'd be inclined to think the same thing happened to your guy.

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Happened to me with my last girl and it scared the **** out of me! It was a Sunday but I called my lovely homecare vet, and he answered my call from the ski slope. He told me it should/would go down naturally within 2 hours, if not, take her to the ER. It went down within 10 minutes but was really disconcerting.

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