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Possible Fiberglass Insulation Ingestion?

Guest Rhea

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Let me preface this by saying this did not happen with me. Dane was with my dad, at his little radio property outside town, which is essentially a double-wide mobile home. Mom and I were at a show, and on our way home dad calls asking for help.


Basically, there was a smallish piece of fiberglass laying around and it now looks like it may have been nibbled on by a dog (but it wasn't wet when dad inspected it). Dad did not actually witness Dane eating any fiberglass, but it may have been as much as "Two handfuls."


Dog is not showing any obvious signs of distress. He happily ate a few (smallish) slices of bread and has drank a bit of water since coming home. He also had a poop and a pee just now. (Couldn't really get a good read on his poop in the dark I may go out there with a flashlight to check it.)


I called an e-vet consult number, and the tech spoke with a doc. Doc didn't seem to think it was a serious problem, but that I might see some GI upset from this.


I attempted to check Dane's gums for further signs of either distress or evidence of consumption, but (apart from distrusting my motives and probably suspecting a tooth-brushing) I didn't see anything to give me concern. His gums still look pinkish, and his mouth was wet.


Obviously I will keep a close watch on him for now, but do I need to take him to an e-vet when I suspect his amount of fiberglass consumption is closer to "none" than "Two handfuls"?


(This is the man my mother chose to have children with... :rolleyes::rofl )


nevermind looks like dad is taking us to the vet, i will keep you guys posted

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the e-vet said basically to watch for signs of intestinal blockage, but so far Dane seems to be fine. He's just finishing up his breakfast and behaving normally so I'm not too worried

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