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Boot Recommendation For Extra-Large Greyhound?

Guest dougbb

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Doug's had pink, inflamed paws for a whole year (started 5-6 months after he joined our household). After trying allergy pills, sprays, food changes, fungal shampoos, post-walk wipe downs, etc etc, the only thing that seemed to help was a short prednisone course.


We visited a pet dermatologist today; he recommended an environmental allergy test and, from those results, immunotherapy shots. Before spending money on tests and shots, and putting Doug through the discomfort involved in that, I'd like to exhaust all other options. His paws always look worse after walks, so I suspect a key culprit is grass or another allergen contacted outside. I'm wondering whether boots for his walks could do the trick.


Has anyone else used boots to guard against underfoot allergens? Any boot recommendations for a 90-pound greyhound? Thanks in advance for any recs, or related advice!


p.s. Weirdly, though Doug's paws look bad--sometimes even scabbed in places--we've never seen him licking or chewing them. We've even filmed him while we were out; he seems entirely unbothered by his paws. The derm today said that greyhounds typically exhibit their allergies, whether environmental or food-related, through red paws. Have you all experienced this?



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Voyager K-9 boots for greyhounds are taller than most and tend to stay on better. You should be sure that they will fit a large grey like him though. Another, cheaper, thing to try is the rubber PAWZ booties. They are like heavy balloon material and don't last forever, but they will protect his feet long enough for you to see if boots will help.


Many greyhounds have allergies and red paws. Mostly it's a contact allergy, but not always. Even food allergies can exhibit in the feet for some. Allergy testing may be the only way to figure out for sure what is bothering him.

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