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I Cannot Be Thankful Enough...

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I can't thank the person who recommended "The Other End of the Leash" enough!


I went for a walk today with Talos, and we ran into a neighbor who has a chow/lab/pit mix. He wanted to come over and say hi but his dog was flagging her tail and is obviously a high status dog. She was staring as well.

Thing is, Talos is a high status dog too. His tail was vertical as well, and the only way I can describe his wag is that it was very terse. Anyone who understands dog body language knows what this means. When two high status dogs meet, they decide who has the higher status. If neither is willing to be of lower status, they will likely fight.

So, by looking at their body language, a possible huge e-vet bill was prevented. He did eventually hide behind my leg while I let the neighbor know what our dogs were doing, but wouldn't let his tail down, so he may have given up his status. But I certainly didn't want to find out!

"The Other End of the Leash" by Patricia McConnell has been an invaluable resource to me. I can't recommend this book enough. (and I recommended it to my neighbor, who seemed very interested!)

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I really really love that book, too. It was originally recommended to me by my adoption group and now I in turn bring it up to anyone wanting to understand human and dog communication better.

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It is a GREAT book, which I often recommend, too. That and Stanley Coren's How To Speak Dog. Both are highly readable and easy to understand and really DO help us understand dogs.


Well done - I'm glad you were able to avert a big problem there!


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