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Thermography Images, Including A Greyhound


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Interesting article on thermographic imaging: http://www.flir.com/cs/emea/en/view/?id=52048

A couple of the images are of greyhounds.


Does anyone know if this kind of scanning is done in the US?

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Very interesting. It's been well known for donkey's years that inflammation makes things warmer and that the healing process warms things up. Medical professionals used to - and still do - use their hands to feel for heat. This process would pinpoint problems too small to be detectable that way, though, wouldn't it?


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Yes, it's done here in the US. There's a place here in Charlotte that offers breast thermography. It's more expensive than mammography and isn't covered by insurance.


Here's what is said about the difference. I have no personal experience with it. Just passing this along.

The Difference Between Mammography and Thermal Imaging

On top of the radiation, compression, cost, and psychological issues caused by mammography, there is another thing that differentiates it from thermal imaging. The difference is in what the two detection systems look for: “Mammography and ultrasound depend primarily on structural distinction and anatomical variation of the tumor from the surrounding breast tissue…Infrared imaging detects minute temperature variations related to vascular flow and can demonstrate abnormal vascular patterns associated with the initiation and progression of tumors.”xxi

In other words, thermal imaging can detect tumorous activity as it begins to develop a blood supply to sustain its growth. Any increased heat from a localized blood supply would suggest pathology. Yet for mammography, the tumor has to have formed sufficient physical mass and size to be detected.



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