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Sore Feets

Guest Ebony

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After titos escapee adventure today we did eventually find him. For the most part hes uninjured though his feet are a bit red and inflammed looking on the toes and pads and a theres few scrapes. Im not suprised he has sore feet as he traveled a bit from home. When we got him back I rinsed off his legs as there is poision ivy around here. I was considering soaking his feet in warm water and epson salts. His does have a bit of arthritis as well so I gave him a rimadyl that I had for him. Have you used epson salts for sore feet?

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Thanks for the advice. He seems to be doing better today though still a bit sore. Im going to be holding off on walks till his feet look better. The soaking seems to have helped as well.


Irskasmom yeah that whole thing was scary. We had been looking for him for a bit then like 15 to 20 mins or so after I put up the alert I found him. Was so glad he didnt head in the direction of the highway or something.

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