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Weruva Wet Food


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Has anyone fed it? How did it go?


A couple weeks ago I used a small can as a food topper. They only get a spoonful or so at dinner. During that time,Bu started drinking and peeing excessively. He went back to normal as soon that can was gone. I decided to try another can of the Weruva and I think he's drinking and peeing excessively again. Obviously I will not be giving it to him any more, but I was curious if this has happened to anyone else's pup.

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I feed cat Weruva canned and they LOVE it! Seems like a quality product to me. No issues with the cats, but really, anything you can do to get moisture into a cat is considered a good thing!


Maybe try another flavor for your dog?


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My dogs have loved it...didn't notice any problems. It is very high in protein so I have been using it sparingly since I have a dog with some protein issues.

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I've used the cat version on my cats with success. It does seem like a good quality food.

I tried one flavor and the dogs were peeling and drinking like crazy. A week after that I tried another flavor and they started drinking and peeing excessively again so I threw out the rest of the can. They only get a couple tablespoons a day, so its surprising to me that they could be so effected.

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