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Looking For Amicar Articles In Vet-Speak

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The kids got their shots today, and the vet wants Joe to have a dental. (My local vet, not the adoption kennel vet.) She tells me she's never had a greyhound have bleeding problems, but I'm totally paranoid! She asked me to send her links about greyhound bleeding and Amicar. I have these:










This one from NGAP conflicts with OSU's opinion:




I'd love to have something in highly technical language that specifically talks about administering Amicar prior to a dental. The vet doesn't think he needs any extractions, so it'd probably be ok not to use it, but with all the horror stories on GT I just want to be safe.



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The first 4 articles are what I shared with my vet, convinced him enough to write me a script for Amicar that I filled and keep on hand. We're entering our second year (shelf-life is a year) of doing it and it has given me peace of mind to know I have it ready if needed. This was all prompted by bleeding problems for one of mine after a dental with extractions. I swore never again would I have to search for a pharmacy that had it in stock while my dog suffered. If I were you I would not share the NGAP article as they carry no weight in the veterinary community, whereas OSU is highly respected.

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I don't have any articles, but we've found with some of the vets here they have to see it work to get on board. We've mostly found it with the E-Vet and specialists. We've pretty much had to force them to use it a few times, but now they're all converts.


I think, it's your dog - if you want to use the Amicar I think they should. It's not like you're wanting to use some new fangled, voodoo medicine :)

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My vet new about the benefits so I had no trouble getting it, especially after having two of mine having bleeding issues after surgery.

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