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Gabapentin Question

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My 13 lb Ig has started gabepentin for pain .My vet started him on 18 mg once a day. It has been one week since he started it. Also on tramadol and low dose dexamethasone. I do see a change for the better in him and spoke with her about increasing the dosage. I know with Missy (14 year old grey) we started low. And now she takes 300 mg 2-3 times a day. My vet said it was safe to go up another 18 mgs, but wants me to give him 1 1/2 tablet once a day. I notice as the time nears for next dose he is licking himself and shaking more. If he eventually goes to a Total of two tablets, wouldn't it market sense to do it every 12 hours rather than once a day?

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Gabapentin has a half-life of about 8 hours, I've read. (I can't find that source now. Sorry.) When it's given to people to prevent seizures, it's prescribed for every 12 hours, so I'd certainly think you'd want the pain relief on at least that a 12-hour schedule.


(When my dog was taking it for pain, he was getting it about every 6 hours, but he was taking more pills.)



ETA: I did find this source: http://www.drugs.com/dosage/gabapentin.html#Usual_Adult_Dose_for_Postherpetic_Neuralgia

It has human doses when used for pain (adults and kids), and prescribes taking it 3x daily. Obviously, the dosage isn't useful for your boy, but the timing info might help.

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That's how my big girl takes it, don't know why she said once a day for the little one. I gave him half this morning.

I am trying to find suggested dosage information..I am finding varoius info on the amount of mg/ kg. .he is on a very low dose from what I can see..he is 13 lbs (5.85 kg) and was on 18mg once a day. Now taking 9 mg in morning.

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Here's what Plumb has to say--"-most VIN consultants recommend doses of 5-10 mg/kg po 2-3 times a day for analgesia".

If your IG is 5.9kg then you should be able to give 29-59 mgs every 8-12 hours. Pretty big difference from what you are currently using.

There is a huge dosing range with gabapentin.

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How accurate is your scale? That's the only way I could effectively split a 100 mg capsule. Though I've split my own 300mg capsules into two for my dog but that was for a 60 lb Grey, not an Iggy. The was no doubt a significant variance in the dose from one "half" to the next "half" but it still seemed effective enough for my girl. Her prescription was 100-200 mg BID.


Maybe talk to a pharmacist to see if there is some way you could mix it into a palatable liquid without changing its effectiveness? I've not tried it with gabapentin so don't know the answer. But for example I took one medicine that could be mixed into water & left that way for days or weeks without reducing it's effectiveness. The capsule was 3x my daily dose. So I just emptied the contents of the cap into a small amount of water, mixed it up very well & used a syringe to draw up the amount I needed each day. I just squirted that into my mouth. Then just to make sure I'd gotten the full dose I drew up plain water into the syringe & squirted that into my mouth. Each day before taking it I made sure I mixed up the remaining solution well & repeated the whole syringe routine. Just an example.

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