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My Precious Little Hunters

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So we moved house a bit over a month ago and now have a backyard we can use. Spring has also sprung with a vengeance and this means ..... lizards!


Neither of my two girls ever raced but I've been able to watch them switch on prey drive and hunt those skinks (they haven't caught any yet). Paige has taken to guarding a lizard hole, although she has yet to figure out that they also have a backdoor which I watch them using when she sits by the hole she saw them disappear into.


But I caught Brandi standing in the flower bed the other day, which is raised. She was stamping her hind legs and staring intently just in front of her front paws. She would then occasionally stamp her front paws and look further ahead. Paige saw what she was doing and came and crouched on the grass in front. Eventually I figured out that Brandi was trying to flush a lizard out of the flowers by stamping her back legs to drive it towards either her or Paige to catch. Sadly for them, the lizard vanished into the wall of the flowerbed rather than breaking for the open, but I was completely riveted watching this.


Anyone who says you can train these types of behaviours or instincts out of a grey is kidding themselves!

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Skinks. I love the little things, but man are they everywhere! We had one that spent every weekend perched on the deck WHILE we were building the deck! I called him Darwin because he just watched and observed and it really felt like we were being studied. Just now I had to catch one in my office and take it outside. Cute little things, but goodness.

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Guest StansMom

Haha! I can relate. Stan recently discovered the chickens next door and stands and stares at them through the little cracks in the fence. Nose pointed, paw up, tail low (like he's part pointer!) He also started chasing bugs. Spiders, grasshoppers, Mosquitos, you name it!

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Guest psdirector

Tibbs is obsessed with flies - once he sees one in our house, he will not let up until he catches it. Two weeks ago at obedience class, he caught a fly as it went by him. Hutch has started a (fruitless) campaign to catch one of the chipmunks in our yard. He'll put his nose down in the flower bed to try to find one. They have holes at various places around our patio and garden. Game on!

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