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Inconsistent Outside Potty-Er

Guest Norzy

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Hello all!


We just got a second hound a week ago after getting our other hound 2 years ago. Our new dog is a greyhound/wolfhound girl who was hoarded on a property in Kansas. I think she was either kept outside or in a horse trailer? She was estimated by our rescue to be 1-2 years old. I should also mention that she is very curious but shy at the same time - like she'll run up to something with her tail between her legs to investigate it, but then turn around just before getting there to go cower in a corner.


So, whenever we let our dogs into the backyard, our old dog would go potty almost instantly with no issues, but new dog would run around and look at/sniff things and then lay down for the entire time. Occasionally I have witnessed her pee or poo, but not consistently like my other dog. Last night she had 2 accidents: 1. When we loaded the dogs into the car to go to the dog park, I think she pooped in the trunk (we found a small fresh poo nugget). 2. After returning from the dog park, she was home an hour before she peed on the floor of our bedroom.


This morning I let her out and went out there with her to make sure she goes. We were out there about 15 minutes and all she did was stare at the squirrels and then lay down on the grass. I went inside to see if it would help to give her some privacy (maybe she was a shy potty-er) and she just laid in the grass sphinx style in the same spot the entire time.




Thanks in advance!

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I don't know if this will help but I associated a command with ''doing his business'' for Chase. In the beginning he didn't know what he was supposed to do while taken outside so I would ask him to ''Do your business'' and I would click and reward a pee or poo. He figured our quickly after that.


Try using high value treats that you would only use for this.

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First of all.. a greyhound/wolfhound...we need pics! :beatheart A lot of dogs from hoarders or puppy mills have been forced to go against their own instinct and poop and pee in their cages/beds/rooms. I would treat her like you would potty train a puppy. Also, my guy knows he can go potty in the backyard but he WON'T except at bedtime which can drive me crazy. As soon as he is on a leash and sniffs he goes so I would second the idea of a short leashed walk. Then you can at least get her to understand she goes outside and add a command word.

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Guest Giselle

Yup, gotta treat the dog like a brand-new puppy and put him on strict 24/7 supervision with frequent potty breaks every 2-4 hours. To ensure strict supervision, tether him to you with a leash. For times when you can't supervise him, place him in the crate or small exercise pen. Try to limit the amounts of time that you cannot supervise him. These methods will help ensure that he never makes a mistake.


Then, when he does go potty outside, DO mark it with an excited "YES!" and reward immediately with a treat. I actually start feeding right when the dog is still in a pottying position to make it very clear that I'm rewarding for the pottying. Other than that, patience and practice will make progress :) Good luck.

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I'd start with house training 101. Treat this like you have a 6 week old puppy in the house. This dog hasn't been house-trained - so expect nothing. She's not going to be like a track grey.


100% watching by you. Never let her out of your sight. Tether to you if you can. Take her out every 2 hours - and PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE when she goes. You've got to be very vigilant - to set the right expectations - because this dog has NO IDEA what is expected.


Good luck. This might be HARD.

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