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Anesthesia Free Dental


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Summer has had it done a couple of times. It is NOT a dental and it doesn't go up under their gums. If your dog NEEDS a dental, then he will likely still need it done by a vet. That being said, though, a qualified non-anesthetic dental person will be able to tell you how bad his teeth truly are. Plus, if they clean his teeth first, then the vet has a lot less work to do and your pup will be under the anesthetic for less time. If you don't want to put your boy under, this is certainly an option and it will help. But always remember they don't go under the gums, they don't do extractions and your dog has to allow them to work in his mouth.


And I pay $80 for this and it takes about 1 1/2 hours or so.


Lisa B.

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NGAP does a fairly good one, and it isn't pricey at all. What I really like is that you can see the dog (behind glass) while they do it. I hate it when vets take my dogs back "into the abyss." Mine have it done every year, and I think it helps prevent needing a full dental. It helps with dog breath and gets everything clean and shiny.

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a friend who has ALWAYS used the Anesthesia Free Dental person who travels the country- she has used it twice a year and cleans her dog's teeth every night just had 25 teeth extracted on her 11 year old male. he's a sensitive one, a canary in a coal mine and reacts to everything- no problems she used an experienced vet who has done over 7k extractions. this wonderful person also adopted a senior - who just turned 14 whose mouth was a mess. the adoption group sent her in for massive mouth work- then 2 months later she needed more extractions. the old gal is as happy as can be- a new lease on life- clean mouth, loving new owner.


if the blood work is good, do a thorough job at the vet.


i see you are in nj- the experienced/excellent vet she used is down the jersey shore. pm me and i'll get you more info. he was also quite reasonable. i would schlep down to this vet(2+hrs for me) since he did such an excellent job on her dogs.

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Guest Clawsandpaws

If you assume he *needs* a dental, I would get it done by a vet. The anesthesia free things are really just cleaning, like a tooth scraping. I have seen a 12 year old dog get a brain infection that originated from a tooth infection. The dog survived (the vet was amazed) but he lost an eye in the process and it potentially left him deaf in one ear. (The pups parents didn't bring him to us for help until he was bleeding out of his nose, so our group rushed him to the vet, he has since been surrendered and is up for adoption)


As soon as she saw what that dog went through, our adoption vice pres put her 13 yr old under for a dental. She was fine and had 6 teeth extracted.


I would personally talk to a very experienced and grey savvy vet.

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Seamus, who is 13.2, had a dental on Friday and lost seven teeth. At his age I hated to do it but his teeth were terrible and causing him pain. Our vets and staff take special, extra care with their senior clients and Seamie is going to be fine.

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It is NOT a dental and it doesn't go up under their gums. If your dog NEEDS a dental, then he will likely still need it done by a vet.

That's the important thing to remember. Daily brushing is your first & best defense. Anesthesia free dental cleanings may help keep the surface of the teeth clean, but it is not getting anything below the gum line.


If your dog needs a dental then get the full dental done. My senior had dentals at age 11 & 12. He breezed through it with no probs at all. A mouth that needs work can be a very uncomfortable, painful mouth & endangers the rest of your dogs health including heart & kidneys. Anesthesia free cleanings aren't the solution here.


Get a good dental done by a very good vet with a lot of experience with Greys. Then use daily brushing & maybe anesthesia free cleanings to help maintain things. Don't be surprised though if your dog still needs another full dental later. My soon to be 12 yo girl will be getting another dental later this year. She's been blessed to have only needed one since I got her. (We lucked out with her. I think she's an exception.) Her last was when she was 9 yo. The anesthesia makes me very nervous but the risks of not doing the dental are greater.

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I see you're in NJ. If he needs a dental and not just a cleaning go to Dr Fiorito at Brick Vets in Brick, NJ. Yes, it's 2+ hrs for you, but she's one of the top dentists around. The cardiologist who took care of my Pearl recommended her when Pearl who really shouldn't go under anesthesia needed a dental because of an abscess.

Also my 15.5 yr really REALLY needed a dental. Both went to Fiorito. (but be prepared to pay....they do take Care Credit)


She's a bit aggressive when it comes to removing teeth, but then....you won't have borderline teeth needing to come out in another 6 months.


If you want just a good cleaning, Houndstooth in California comes out regularly to clean teeth. I take my girls to them twice a year. And I am very bad at brushing teeth regularly, and my girls teeth are terrific.

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