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Need Ortho Vet, Emerg Clinic: S. Charlotte,upper Sc

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Our 12 yr old Molly has major painful orthopedic issues that have worstened over the past week. Has been under the incompetent care of a vet @ VMC of Fort Mill who does not return phone calls, etc. I've involved Dr. Dyce, Director of Ortho @ OSU's VMC who reviewed Molly's radiographs (Molly is a former patient of Ortho Dept @ OSU). Haven't spoken directly with him, as he's asked me to speak to the vet at Fort Mill whom he spoke with 2 days ago. Still no return call from Fort Mill vet to me! Dr. Dyce did email me that there is no evidence of malignancy in Molly's bones, which is always good news, but there is still something VERY wrong. Molly is VERY uncomfortable even on the max dose of Tramadol. Won't go into all her symptoms right now.


Can anyone personally recommend an Ortho Vet in the upper SC or south Charlotte area--other than Carolina Veterinary Specialists (CVS)? (unless you have personal knowledge & Dr's name there who provided your grey with quality care). If it wasn't a holiday weekend, I would drive to OSU...

Also any referrals to an emergency clinic in same area, other than CVS? I pray it doesn't come down to that.


Thank you greytly for any recommendations you can offer.

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Guest KennelMom

Upstate Veterinary Specialists in Greenville is good. We've used them for years for a variety of ortho issues. They are ajoined to a Emergency vet and they transfer patients as necessary. Both are good, but UVS is great. I helge you have to be referred there though. Once when we had a vey sick grey, her doc at UVS drove (on his day off) to Auburn to pick up some special meds for her. Very caring and all their vets are board certified in their specialties.

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Tbhounds, I'm still considering that option. Molly loves to go for car rides (especially to the park!), but would have more difficulty traveling such a distance--we would just have to take frequent breaks to stretch, although she has difficulties getting in & out of the van now & I'm no body builder type who can lift her in & out...


KennelMom, thank you for your suggestion. Those vet specialists in Greenville sound awesome!! I will definitely keep them in mind.



Have any of you grey owners experienced negative/poor quality care from the Orthopedists at CVS?? So many of their reviews are horrible!! I haven't had any issues with their Opthalmology dept, but that's the only one we've had to utilize so far...

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Other suggestions I have received on FB include Dr Morefield at Piper Glen, Dr Vernon at Kernersville and several for CVS. Keep in mind that reviews are not the whole picture. People will post negative comments much quicker than people with good experiences. I have never had an issue using CVS and know several other owners who have used them with no issues. And they may be your only option during a holiday weekend.

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We took Murphy to see the oncologists at CVS, I wouldn't say they were awful, but I'm not in a huge hurry to recommend them either. Unfortunately, quality vet care here is rather sorely lacking in SC.


Without knowing exactly where you are, it looks like University of GA vet school in Athens GA is about half the distance to OSU. I haven't personally used them either, but it's probably a good option too.


Eta: These were the exotics folks, but the vets at U. of GA spent a lot of time with us, for free at night, on the phone trying desperately what to do with Sammie. So at least overall they seem like caring people. You might call them and call OSU and see what they think.

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Be advised that some dogs taking larger doses of tramadol will exhibit panting, pacing, and other behaviors that look like a pain response when it's actually anxiety. I don't doubt that Molly's in pain, but it may be that some of her more extreme symptoms are being generated by the large dose of tramadol. A different pain med (but not morphine or anything like that for a greyhound) might give Molly some relief and let you back off the high dose of tramadol. Robaxin (methocarbamol) is a muscle relaxer, and gabapentin is another pain reliever (although it takes a couple of days to get up to full strength), and either (or both) of those can be used with tramadol. Don't stop tramadol abruptly, though, without a vet's orders.

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I live near Memphis TN. I put them in the car and drive them up to Ohio State. Even if they are uncomfortable they usually fall asleep for most of the trip. You can get her admitted thru Emergency. They will probably contact Dr Dyce that she is there.


I lay plastic and pads down for them to go on. I can not lift them out either. We stay over in Louisville for the night before going up to Columbus. I wait and ask a man at the motel to help get them in and out of the car. Even at a rest stop you can find a man to help you.




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I will second KennelMom's endorsement of Upstate Veterinary Specialists in Greenville as being a great resource. They've seen 2 of my dogs for different issues and the care there has been uniformly excellent. ETA: Looks like I'm actually "thirding" this recommendation. Also, I did have a decent experience at UGA vet school when Piper's seizures started so they are another resource to consider.

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