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This week, Robin's back end has been a bit worse than usual. He may have overdone it on Sunday during a walk where he tried to drag me around a pond :rolleyes: but I can't help but worry, especially when it looks like he's favoring one side more than the other. I was checking out his back end, and I noticed his right back paw pad (the side he's favoring a tiny bit) has what looks a little like an abrasion or something. When I push on it with my finger, there's almost a depression there (hard to describe), and there is a tiny crack, maybe...(hard to see). That spot isn't as hard as the areas around it. Here is the spot.



So I checked his other paw, and it doesn't have the abrasion looking part, but there are some pink spots. Also softer than the areas around it.



I started thinking.....with his hind end getting weaker, he has been shuffling his back feet more. Could these be abrasions or "burns" from dragging his paws on pavement maybe?? Could these be painful, and at least part of the source of his weirdness back there this week? Am I a bad parent because I haven't noticed sooner? I don't really know, of course, but I'm feeling like maybe I should rub something into it in case it is sore. I have both Bag Balm and Musher's Secret here, but I haven't really used either on his pads more than once in a while, so I don't know if one of these would be a good idea or not. And if so, which one?


Any thoughts? (eta: I am doing his nails tonight.)


The patient: IMG_20130804_185712_140_zps9a429bab.jpg

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Cathy & Calvin (DOB 9/18/13). Always missing my angel Robin (Abdo Bullard).
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I have 3 (yes 3) old dears with similar pad problems. Boots for walks help. So does putting something on the pads before bed. I've been using BioBalm, but Bag Balm would work too. Two recovered enough after a few days to do walks without boots, the third will probably need boots long term (you should see the wear on her nails from dragging her feet).

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Thanks! I'm Thinking It's Probably Fairly Common, But A Problem I Never Thought About. I Only Thought About The nail Wear... I'm Assuming These Booboos Are Painful... :(


I Did His Nails Tonight, And Am Putting Bag Balm On Him For Bed. I Don't Have Boots, But I Have Some Pawz. I Wonder If Those Would Help. (Though The Pawz Are A Little Small...I Got The Wrong Size).


Thanks For The Feedback!

Cathy & Calvin (DOB 9/18/13). Always missing my angel Robin (Abdo Bullard).
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Don't use the too-small boots. You don't want to cramp his toes.

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