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Guest Ellums

So we feed our greyhound once in the morning and the evening.


He's started barking in the morning around the time we'd feed him. This is at 6 a.m. before our apartment complex's noise curfew is lifted.


This bothers me not only because I like the little last bit of sleep I'm getting but also because if I feed him, which I was planning to do soon, he may see it as a reward for barking. Something I do not want.


How do I discourage this behavior?

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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

Does your boy know the command lay down? All of mine do. When they start getting restless before I want to get up, I simply tell them to lay down. Once they do, I give it a few minutes, then I get up. Realize that to correct your hound you have about 3-5 seconds after the act to be able to correct them (for those that think rubbing a hounds nose in an accident hours after the act is effective, its not), its about the same with the opposite. So with that in mind, if your boy barks, make sure that he is quite or otherwise not riled up for about 10 seconds then you wont be rewarding the behavior.

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Guest Lochshumans

I agree with everything that was already stated. I do a combination of both when mine tries to get me up for our morning walk before the alarm even goes off. A stern NO, then a "go lay down" after he stops barking. Then after he is settled and being quiet for a little while, I get up and we hit the road for our walk.

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