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Canine Influenza In Montgomery Co Md - Just Fyi

Guest BlueCrab

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Guest BlueCrab

Got this alert from my vet in the Olney MD area - providing it for MD / DC / VA peeps. Be careful out there...


"One of the area boarding kennels experienced an outbreak of Canine Influenza Virus last week, and with several dogs experiencing high fevers and pneumonia, and at least two canine fatalities. This is the first reported case in Montgomery County of this new virus, which only affects dogs. Canine Influenza Virus resulted from a genetic mutations of the Equine Influenza Virus in 2004, which enabled the virus to infect and cause disease in dogs. It originally occurred in Florida, and has slowly been spreading. Canine Influenza Virus causes a respiratory disease in dogs similar to kennel cough, but is potentially more serious, with fatal pneumonia occurring in some 5% of cases. In June '09, a vaccine was released for protection against this new, emerging disease, and we have administered several hundred doses so far without side effects, and have heard of no side effects from other veterinarians. We have been recommending the vaccine for any dog that will be coming into contact with a lot of other dogs, such as boarding, grooming, training classes, or shows. In light of the recent outbreak, however, dogs that have more casual contact with other dogs, for instance, a dog that is taken for walks in public spaces, should be considered for the vaccine. Initially, it is a series of two subcutaneous vaccines, given two to four weeks apart, followed by an annual booster. If you have questions about the advisability of giving your dog the Influenza Vaccine, please call the office.


Meanwhile, it might be wise to keep your dog at home as much as possible, avoid taking him./her to dog parks and pet sotres and even areas in your neighborhood that have high traffic for at least this month."


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