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Living Long Term Missing A Front Leg

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I know we've had a puppy or two here with a rear leg amputated, but, has anyone ever had a puppy with a front leg amputated (not due to osteo)?


I'm interested to hear about long-term mobility. I know that ADULTS that have a front leg amputated sort of adapt the alignment of the remaining front leg to support their weight...and sometimes that causes some musculoskeletal issues, etc. But if a puppy grows up only moving that way, I would be inclined to think that their body would adapt and grow as needed from the get-go...


Any experience/stories are appreciated!

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Guest Katherineaz

I have a Cavalier we rescued who is missing a front leg. He was born that way and about to be thrown out when we saved him. We worked with OrthoPets and he has a prosthetic that he will sometimes wear. He is only two, but I can see the wear on his good front leg already. We just make sure no jumping on or off furniture. We also watch his weight so he's not putting any extra weight on his good front leg. He gets around great, but I do worry about the future and his good front leg.

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