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New Greyhound And Cat Training

Guest sandydee

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Guest sandydee

Hi all!


We just brought in a new greyhound after losing both of our previous hounds in February and March. Gable is presenting a bit of a challenge since our previous two already knew about house living (one being fostered and one being a re-adopt). He is doing well with getting acquainted with the cats. Muzzled when making greetings (right now that is walking into the room where they are lounging and giving a firm NO KITTY with a lease jerk if he seems to be too fixated. But my question is what is TOO FIXATED? I realize he is new to all of this house stuff and the little furries are definitely novel, but is his watching them as they walk by the crate require a no kitty? Or is he just taking them in? For now that cats are being contained when we are not home to limit any undue stress for Gable. When he has is open crate time, the kitties are also contained.


Any other suggestions to facilitate this? I've read through some of the older posts related to this, but I am just wondering how to rate his level of interest. He does avert his eyes and gets lots of praise, hugs and kisses for doing this!




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Guest Greyt_dog_lover

Look through this thread for Chad's post.

Chad (greyt_dog_lover) is the "resident expert" on cat training. His advice is always extremely helpful.


Thank you for the kind words.



I would say everything in the other thread will work for you. I don't think correction method (no kitty with leash snap) is effective training in the long term as you will need to be around for to truly be effective. Positive reinforcement, while taking much longer, is effective if you are present or not. Yes, the correction method is immediately effective, but I prefer other methods.


Just something to think about. It doesn't sound from your short description that your hound isn't safe around cats, but read my post, if there are signs of puffing, drooling, whining, bucking, etc. then you would NOT have a cat workable hound.



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Looking is fine as long as you break the stare by calling the dogs name or making a noise. I agree that positive reinforcement is best, although saying a quick positive "no kitty" can't hurt.

If he looks at the cat, call his name and when he looks at you praise and treat.

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Thanks Chad for the description of positive reinforcement "cat training". I thought it was detailed, to the point, and great. And I agree with the "no kitty" command and then when he does it, reward him.......

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