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Ami Had A Seizure Last Night :(

Guest Amis_Ma

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Guest Amis_Ma

Like the title says, Ami had a seizure :sad1 We were all sitting in the living room and Ami all of a sudden had a blank stare, her face stiffened, and her eyes rolled back. The rest of her body didn't seem to be affected. It lasted abour 10-15 seconds. My partner comforted her while I called the vet. She quickly came around and appeared to be back to normal. We brought her to the vet and they did blood tests but all came back normal. All we can do now is observe and keep track of any future seizures.


I felt so helpless and scared for her!


Turned out to be a scarry and not to mention an expensive night.


Poor girl, Im so worried now.

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I will share the 2 websites that were a Godsend to me when Piper's seizures began:





Both sites are full of information on seizures, their causes, and their management. With any luck this will have been a one time episode for your girl. If not, as Alicia said, seizures generally manageable and dogs with seizures most often live full and happy lives. :grouphug

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Sneakers has seizures, we did blood work on him and a thyroid test and all were normal. His are infrequent so we don't medicate. I do keep a spreadsheet with date, time and description of the seizure.

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I have 2 epi hounds.


Keep a detailed log.

The full moon was Tues so I keep track of that as well. The moon doesn't seem to have any effect on my dogs but I still check.


You can give a tbl spoon of ice cream after a seizure and that seems to help them get back to normal quicker.


Check out the sites that LBass posted.

I also am on a couple chat groups which have been so helpful. Just knowing others are dealing with the same issues is helpful to me.


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