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Laser Therapy For Canines

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A friend of mine has a lab and is thinking of doing the laser therapy instead of prescriptions. i read somewhere there is Class IV laser therapy that you can purchase online. Any information you can send my way for my gf would be appreciated. The arthritis is bad in this pup. Thanks.



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Paul is getting laser therapy right now for his arthritis. He has had 7 treatments so far. I don't really see anything, but he has started playing with toys again, so I have to assume that he is feeling somewhat better. He is getting gabapentin as well. I don't know about over the counter.

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Guest greytkidsmom

I would look into a vet that provided laser therapy. There are different settings depending on desired tissue penetration and the condition being treated. If you don't really know what you are doing you could do serious damage.


Lucas got laser therapy for a bad wound on his foot and it really sped up the healing. Tiel had it on one of her arthritic toes and I didn't notice much difference. Kebo gets it in combination with acupuncture for his back and it seems to be helpful. I think part of the success of the laser is dog and condition dependent. The cost wasn't bad and the treatment intervals lengthen the longer that the therapy continues.

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