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Limping Question

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Da Bwat (who just had surgery to remove a dermal hemangiosarcoma just a month ago) is limping on her right front. I see no swelling or corns, feel no heat anywhere.


When my Diamond has OS, I just knew when I saw her limp what it was.



Opal (Da Bwat for those who don't know) was roaching this morning, so not laying funny on the leg. She got off the couch and was limping very noticeably. But the more she walked the less noticeable it became. And it does disappear at times. She's been limping for ... maybe 5 days now? A week? Not more.


So please reassure me that OS DOES NOT get better when walking on it. (and I'm trying to avoid the vets since she's been there 4 times since May....all over $300 each)

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Wish I could say it does jut, it's such an individual response-dogs have different pain tolerances and sometimes will "walk off" a limp. Keep in mind that is a classical sign of arthritis. Is the affected limb a front leg-if so it could be coming from a tweeted neck too.

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Being from the SW I feel obligated to say that if there is any chance your dog traveled or raced in the desert SW at any point make sure to have a Valley Fever blood test done if the limp doesn't disappear. It will attack legs, like it did my Livs.'

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Olivia (RDs Merrygoround, b. 4/6/07, Gotcha 12/19/11

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Bee Wiseman's OS limp was intermittent at the beginning. Hoping its not OS for Opal, but I'd be running to the vet for an X-ray asap to put my mind at ease.


Hope it's nothing. :goodluck


Tricia with Kaia and Kyle, our senior mutt dogs 
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Holly Oaks Holly
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I was going to go to the vets today but neither of my two favorite vets are there. So we're going tomorrow.


Opal was born in KS. Never raced. Didn't even make the training farm. Wasn't even named. She got kicked off the farm because her littermates picked on her (she was the runt). When they moved her to a younger litter, she picked on them. So they released her at a year old to adoption. She went straight to prison program, then shipped to NJ at 18 months old. She's lived with me since. 8 yrs. So I doubt it's valley fever.


Her limp is very pronounced on the right front and she yelped when I pressed her shoulder. Same spot that Diamond had her OS.

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