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One Knackered Hound

Guest Waterdog66

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Guest Waterdog66

So Tuesday night we had friends over in the evening and Audrey "Knows" them. They used to foster greyhounds and understand how to play with a hound. (Translates to how to get one wound up) Audrey was already pretty active when they arrived (I had only been home a short while) but she got REALLY EXCITED when they came over. After 15 minutes of some serious Zoomies, she collapsed in the grass (With a skinned up stop pad) and proceeded to crash out for the next 36 hours.


She skipped dinner on Tuesday and at just a few bites on Wednesday Morning before zonking out again for the WHOLE DAY; she did not move an inch. Last night she was feeling better from her BONK and did eat her dinner and now seems to be back to normal.

She has skipped A meal a couple of times but DANG, that was one tired houndie to blow off Dinner AND Breakfast in order to catch up on her sleep. I guess her little impromptu speed work session really let the air out of her balloon :eek:

ETA: I checked her stop pad last night and she had already removed the bit of skin that sloughed off and it looks back to normal now. (It is dry with no tenderness) Even right after she did it, it did not seem to be sensitive. (She would let me touch it)

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Guest Waterdog66

Sorry, I really have nothing helpful to say! Your story was really funny!


No worries. The whole situation is sorted out and my post was meant more as a Tale to entertain rather than a plea for help.


I have certainly felt like curling up into a ball and falling into a deep sleep after a race or a long workout and my appetite does wane a bit during the recovery period so I guess I sorta understood the recovery cycle she was going through. 15 minutes was a heck of a long time for her given that she is used to that level of effort over sprint times. This must have felt like a marathon to her :flip

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