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Change In Eating Habits -- Zeke

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I'm not sure if we have a problem or not...hoping to get some ideas here. We feed 2 times a day, once at 5:15am and again betwee 3:30pm and 4pm (so that there's at least 2 hours after they've eaten before we take them for their walk -- with both Rainey and Nube having bloat we always follow the "1 hour before and 2 hours after" rule for no extreme running, etc. before or after eating).


we've had Zeke since early January and was very food motivated and a champion eater. We feed Larry less (since he's a few #'s over where he should be) and we would always give Larry his meal first since Zeke ate his (larger portion) so quickly. We battled hookworms for the first few months, along with bad diarrhea before finally getting it under control. At first he was eating Canidae (the chicken based one) but I took the advice I got here and transitioned him to Iam's lamb and rice (since I thought maybe he was allergic to chicken) and he did better (and 3 deworming's got rid of the hooks), and then to Kirkland's lamb and rice, which he is currently on.


Back in mid-June, he was in the middle of eating his afternoon meal when it started thundering (he's thunderphobic). He stopped eating his meal, but then did finish it. Since then, he has frequently -- but not always -- either not finished his food, or once, refused to eat it at all. Late last week I ended up getting 2 additional kibbles to add in in the hopes that some variety would help and he was just being picky. Once is Fromm's Pork and Peas, the other TOTW salmon and I add one in at each meal. I also stopped putting yogurt in his food, thinking he didn't like the tang. For breakfast, he gets some pumpkin added in as well as (right now) some cooked beef heart or cooked chopped liver. At dinner, he gets the same plus some cottage cheese, his fish oil, a 1/2 of a 20mg Pepcid and a 1/4 of a baby aspirin, along with a 1/2 tsp of glucosamine. I also add in some cooking juice from the protein I made or just water if I don't have anything better. I also am adding less than before, and only just before he gets it, thinking he doesn't like the softened kibble.


he ate everything in both meals early this week, but yesterday and today left some of the food again in his bowl. I've actually been reducing the amount he's been getting, not knowing if he's just filling up -- but I know that food hounds, which he was, would NEVER refuse any amounts of food (or get full!).


the other thing is that he is eating MUCH more slowly than before, and I think is chewing differently, more with his mouth open, kind of like he doesn't or isn't sure if he likes what he's tasting. It's hard to explain.


as far as I know his teeth are fine, but if this keeps up we can bring him in for a vet visit. He is 100% acting his usual, normal, crazy Zeke self, and his poops are fine (not super firm but pretty good).


he's also snubbing a lot of the treats I offer -- he'll always eat 2 of the ones we have but either walks away from the others (that he used to like) or takes if very slowly and goes over to eat it on his bed, where before he simply wolfed every treat down.


what would make a previously super-eater become so picky? All thoughts are very much appreciate.


sorry this is so long..... :(

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Hey Kim ... a sore tooth would cause that ... will he let you check his mouth for inflamed gum? if not, check during your next teeth cleaning...


you could try some softer food (canned or water soaked) to see if that helps.


Also ... Riley's been at wits end this week with the barometric pressure changes ... it might be weather related.


Give your little love bugs a hug for me!!

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