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Can Anyone Use These Thyroid Meds And Other Various Supplements?

Guest dwolfe711

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Guest dwolfe711

Mercedes was on thyroid meds and I refilled her prescription right before she left for the Bridge. if anyone can use Thyroxine L 0.6mg I have an almost full bottle of 180 pills. I don't want them to go to waste - they expire 6/26/14. If you have a pup that need them please message me with your address and I will mail them to you. First message gets them.



And always having seniors in the house with various age-related problems, I try supplements from time to time - some work, some don't. I have the following that were purchased for pups in the past year or two - if you can use them please message with your mailing address and which ones you want. First message gets their choice and so on -


Kan Herbal Meridian Circulation - Dietary supplement - 750mg tablets - 300 count - almost full bottle - expires 4/14

Food Science of Vermont - Sea Mussel supplement - 180 capsules - almost full bottle - expires 3/15

Life Extension - 5-Lox Inhibitor with ApresFlex - 100mg - 60 vegetarian capsules - unopened bottle - expires 1/14

Natural Pet Rx - Immu-Health - for a healthy immune system - about 50 capsules - expires ??



Thanks, Donna

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