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Cause Of Vomiting: Wheatgrass Or Cat Food?

Guest Clawsandpaws

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Guest Clawsandpaws

I was out of town for two days, just got back a few hours ago. While I was driving home, my bf let me know that earlier in the day, Sir Dudley drank a lot of water, jumped on the couch, and threw up bile. BF said he was otherwise acting normal, ate fine in the am before the vomit, normal poo/pee, activity etc. When I got home, I saw that it looked like dried bile on his dog bed as well.


So I am thinking two options: 1) I sprinkled a little wheatgrass powder on his food on Thursday night (very little powder, but I read later that sometimes it can really upset the tummy) 2) I recently bought an "automatic" feeder for my cat and it looked like it was lower than I felt it should be. She eats rx cat food, a fiber response food. (Dudley has NEVER gone for her food in the kitchen before though, it has been in the same place for over a year without issue)


What do you think is the more likely culprit? I was using the wheatgrass to see if it would see if it would help remove/reduce his saliva stains, so I would like to keep trying to use it, but for now I am holding off.


If he ate the cat food, it couldn't have been more than 2 cups, but is there anything I should be on the lookout for?


I already fed him dinner, not even thinking that I maybe should be withholding food for now, but if he doesn't vomit again, does that mean he is probably fine?

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