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Melatonin: It Works!

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After noticing Otis was loosing fur on his thighs and belly I started giving him 3mg of melatonin twice a day.

3.5months after his fur grow back! :)


question: is it ok to continue melatonin forever? should I cut the dose? what should I do?



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Interesting! I know it does wonders for hair and nails, nice to hear your success. Have you ever tried Fresh Factors? I can't believe the coat that has grown on Kasey after being on that for a month. I believe FF is ok for long term use.


Melatonin is naturally occurring in the body, but I'm not sure regarding long term use in dogs, let alone humans. I know it helps me sleep great though, but I only use it occassionally when I have difficulty sleeping.

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Glad it worked for you! It's my understanding that when you discontinue it, the fur falls out again. :(

We had opposite results. Not only did the fur not grow back, Henry even turned up with a bacterial skin infection while taking melatonin.

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Summer just went comatose when I put her on it. Not literally, of course... but talk about laid back and lethargic! Even for a greyhound! It was horrible, she wasn't herself at all.


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It made Gilly's coat beautiful. I just give him 1/2 tab now maybe 2-3 days a week- if I remember it -and his coat and fur stays beautiful. Has no other observable effect on the dog(s) I used it on. I take it myself when I want a good refreshing nights sleep.

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we give it to Zeke when there's storms, which is pretty much every day so far this spring/summer :( doesn't make him sleepy since he's all freaked out from thunder but it does help (we think) a little.

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I wouldn't keep him on it indefinitely, especially for a cosmetic reason. Melatonin works on many systems in the body and I don't believe all of it's effects are fully understood. It's not just a "supplement".


Agreed -it's a hormone. Bald is beautiful :-)
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Guest elliemae421

I used something called Megatek,by Equiss! It is for horses that rub their manes and tails out and for blanket rubs.

I had a horse I braided his mane for hunter under saddle classes in AQHA. He rubbed his braids a lot.

I put it on Marshall's bald hips and within a month hair started growing. Also used vitamin E oil. The megatek is not cheap but so worth it. :bow2

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I would not administer Melatonin for cosmetic reasons. (IMO, that's a high daily, long-term dose for a Greyhound.)


Melatonin is a regulator of the circadian rhythm in humans. Giving it morning and night forces a human or dog into feeling like it's night time 24 hours per day. I agree that it can create an unhealthy imbalance in the body's hormone production, and throw off the body's normal functioning. It has the potential to interact with certain other drugs.


Some doctors recommend a maximum of 1.5 mg at night for a full-size adult human and to limit it to short-term use to help regulate the body's sleep timing rhythm. Studies have shown that a dose above 1.5 mg can affect a human body long into the following day. An example of appropriate Melatonin use for humans: Someone working overnight shifts for a long time who suddenly changes to day shifts. Taking Melatonin at night would help that person adjust their sleep timing to sleep through the night.


I would suggest stopping the Melatonin completely. I'm guessing that Otis would feel much better. Many Greyhounds have naturally thin fur on their belly and thighs. IMO, the fewer unnecessary drugs used, all the better for our hounds. :)

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