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Still Reacting To The 4Th Of July

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Ruby started going nuts a few nights before the 4th of July with all of the fireworks going off. She was hiding, panting, drooling, shaking, etc.........

Here it is the 18th of July, the fireworks have been gone for days, and she still starts in with the panting, shaking, pacing, running to her crate, etc.....although lessened, every single night when the sun starts to go down. I thought it would just phase itself out, but it continues. She will go out for her last turn out OK and doesn't seem bothered by it, but I can count on that panting to start every night around 8 PM. Our routine is the same, she is getting plenty of attention and walks, she sleeps normally once we go to bed.

Would you take her in for a vet check ? We have never seen this behavior before, except when she had SA when we would leave her in her crate in the beginning while we went out. That was a couple years ago and has completely resolved itself.


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