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Open Sore On Leg

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Missy (14) spent a couple days at the vet for diarrhea. Home now and improving. I just found her licking an open sore on her left thigh. She wasn't on a pillow at the vet due to watery stools. I cleaned it with nolvasan and called vet. They said to not put anything on it..let air get to it to heal. She is able to lick it. I am nervous to put a collar on he her as she is unstable due to LS . Her stomach is getting back to normal, they said if she licks bacitracin it could bother her stomach...UGHH..what about aloe from a plant? Or EMT gel?

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The amount of bacitracin that she'd lick won't bother her.


The "let it get air" thing is a myth. I don't know why even vets repeat that. You could cover it loosely with a nonstick gauze pad -- smear some antibiotic ointment on the pad first. Some dogs will pick at a sore but leave a bandage alone; YMMV there. Good luck!

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I'd use Manuka honey on a dressing. It's as good as letting air get to it, in fact it's better because it keeps bugs out of the wound, makes it dry out, and can't hurt your dog if she licks it. Stubborn wounds and ulcers heal surprisingly fast with Manuka.

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When I called to inquire about EMT safety in regards to licking, they reccomended vetericyn spray.

I bought some at local pet store. I sprayed her three times with it since this morning..seems to be closing up quickly. She isn't licking it either.


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