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Not Exactly A Newbie - Been Gone A Long Time

Guest fool4greys

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Guest fool4greys

If you have been around here for a long time you might remember my user ID. I have been gone for a few years.


My current dogs are:


Comet - 8 yrs old. She was used for Coyote hunting when she was younger. No one wanted to adopt her because of her horrible scars. Their loss, my gain she has the best personality. She is a talker and clown.


Ivory - 6 yrs old. We call her Miss beautiful, she is a fawn with black eyeliner. She must have thought is was too beautiful to run as she was not very good on the track.


Beth - 6 today. She was the runt of her litter with a huge overbite.


Ciara - 5 yrs old. Black Brindle that loves to run. She also loves to sleep in a puppy pile, with me at the bottom.


Pee Wee - Corgi/Aust. Shep. Cross. She is my husband's dog and lazier than my greys. She will be 6 in November.Dumped at 4 months old.


Bully - Pit Bull cross He tries to race the Greys everyday, he just knows if he keeps running when of these days he will win.Dumped at 5 months old.




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