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Vca Hospital West La

Guest badderh

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Guest badderh

Has anyone gone here before? Or has anyone gone to the VCA hospitals in the LA area?


Need to find a new vet for my boys in the west LA area, I have an appointment for an exam tomorrow to see if I care for them any, but would like to get any opinions on the VCA of west LA if anyone has ever gone there.


Or if you have a suggestion for a grey friendly vet in West LA that'd be great too, I checked the greytalk vet list and didn't see any listed for LA.

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I took Pixie there to see an orthopedic surgeon, so I don't know if that counts for what you want. The building is very nice (they had just moved into it when she went in for her second surgery). Dr. Charette is excellent, if you need an ortho surgeon.


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VCA clinics in LA are way overpriced and they really try to push extra stuff you don't need. Dr Richard Palmquist at Centinela Animal Hospital is supposed to be amazing and good with greyhound. He is also a holistic vet, I've never heard a negative thing about him. If I lived over on that side of town he is who I would go to. Sorry I can't post the link I'm on my phone and it won't paste, you can just Google him.

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heather, check with dani and see what vet she takes carson and maisie to since she's in santa monica.

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Guest lynne893

Terrific vet at Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital-- Dr. Suehiro (http://www.bhsah.com/about/) and great vets at Bay Animal Hospital on Sepulveda in Manhattan Beach - esp Dr. Godell (http://www.bayanimalhosp.com/our_staff.html).


Bay Animal Hospital is a little further South than the VCA. I think we've only gone to the VCA emergency rooms over the years. I'd agree that they're very profit-oriented.


Highly recommend either of the vets above. Dr. Suehiro just did a fabulous (and fairly affordable) dental w extractions for my Greta recently.


Good luck!

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