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Oxybutynin - Anyone Have Experience

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The reason I brought Nadir to the Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Clinic is to try to get an answer about what is causing his urination problem. Bloodwork, urinalysis, and ultrasound provided no clues. Any further testing to determine a defining diagnosis would require anesthesia, which they do not recommend considering his heart condition. The vet we saw yesterday feels it is a problem with the muscles of the bladder wall not relaxing and therefore the bladder not being able to fill like it should. She wants to try Oxybutynin to see if that will help. I'm ok with trying this, but wanted to make sure no one knows of any bad reactions greyhounds have had using this drug.

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I have no experience with this drug. Please google oxybutynin for dogs and read about the drug and its side effects - one of which is a fast heartbeat.


In Nadir's condition, I would be hesitant to treat based on a hunch.

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I don't know anything about this drug... had to goggle it -- I hope others have info for you.


my personal opinion: I'd rather keep asking questions about why he is creating clots. The issue of incontinence would be the least important of two issues,, I would put up with ~ pee pads, belly bands and corralling him in an area with tile for easy clean up for a long time in order to find

out what is causing the clots and getting the right meds for that.


I know you are so worried and scared for you boy!!! and you are doing the very best you can for him.

xtra :cookie:cookie for Nadir and hoping that answers to your questions are found for you :hope

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Guest greytsunshine

My senior, Max, 12 yrs, has been on this for about a year now. He does fine. He has lumbosacral disease and, because of his age, our main goal is to keep him comfortable and pain-free. He no longer has to pee every 15 minutes and can go about 5 hours without an accident. (Yes, we had ALL the tests done to be sure there was no urinary problem in addition to the LS disease, many of them twice. Once by our regular vet & again by the specialist.)


I can't speak to the heart issue, however, so maybe ask the vet?

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