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Springtime Joint Health Supplements - 6 Free Jars

Guest mab149

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Guest mab149


I am looking to give away 6 jars of Springtime Joint Health chewables supplements to anyone who can use them.

I haven't posted since shortly after bringing Jake, our greyhound, home in 2008. But you all were very supportive in responding to my posts then (mostly about diarrhea, of course), and I've found tons of helpful information through Greytalk that has helped us navigate the greyhound world since. I'm now hoping to give back in some small way.

In any event, long story short - Jake has had terrible arthritis since the day we brought him home. We used to give him Springtime Joint Health supplements along with Rimadyl to try to manage his arthritis and related pain. However, a few months ago, he had a scare with an enlarged spleen and GI distress (his intestines had all but stopped working), and we've now switched up his diet, supplements and medicines in response. (he's doing better now - thank goodness!!!) So we now have 6 unopened, still sealed jars of Sprintime Joint Health chewable supplements that we won't be using. They don't expire until October 2014, and I'd love to give them to anyone who can use them instead of throwing them away.

If you're interested, feel free to reply to this post or send me an e-mail at mab149@caa.columbia.edu. We live in Park Slope, Brooklyn and would be happy to drop them off or have you pick them up if you live nearby, or we'd also be happy to send them in the mail.




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Guest mab149

Thanks for all the responses.


4My2Greys - On a first come first served basis, I received an e-mail reply before your post, but let me see if there are any left over. If so, I'll reply to this post to let you know and try to send you one for your Golden. Also, we are now giving him Dasuquin instead. We took him off of the Rimadyl, and tried Meloxicam briefly but took him off of that as well. He's currently not on any NSAIDs, but we might try reintroducing Meloxicam at some point.


Nessa - I have no reason to believe there was any connection between the supplements and Jake's health problems. We started using those supplements because there are a number of people on Greytalk who use them and speak highly of them, so I'm sure you can find other people here with experience using Springtime Joint Health chewables to get their thoughts. Jake has always had a really sensitive digestive system since we adopted him (although this was the first time anything this scary happened), so it could have been a number of things that caused his GI system and spleen to react the way they did, including something as simple as a virus that he picked up somewhere. We don't have any definitive answer as to what caused his GI distress and enlarged spleen, unfortunately.

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