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Stupid, Stupid Me. Greyhounds And Hiking In Hot Weather Don't Mix

Guest lynne893

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Guest lynne893

We had to get out of the city for the 4th & 5th b/c of the fireworks. It's REALLY bad where we live and poor Greta loses it.


We knew that the best thing to do was head for the wilderness and go camping because here in CA, there's no fireworks near the forests (too dry!).


We got up to central California inland from Morro Bay and our campground was nice and shady. We decided to take the girls (Greta 7, Swiftie 8 1/2) hiking on the trail at the campground in Los Padres National Forest. The campground host told us it was a mild uphill hike the first two miles and downhill back to the campsite in the third mile.


Here in LA, we've taken the girls hiking quite a bit, though usually early in the morning. Our hike started off pretty shady and cool, but the elevation gain was steeper than expected. You know you get to that point where you figure keeping on forward is easier than turning around, so even though the girls seemed winded and kinda shaky, we kept trudging ahead.




Our hike became quite exposed with little shade and DH wound up carrying Swiftie for probably the last third of the hike (most of the way downhill). Fortunately we had some water with us, though not enough. As soon as we got back, I doused them in water to cool their heads, ears, torsos and paws, but they were stiff for the rest of the weekend and are still very shaky and stiff today.


We can't figure out if it's a skeletal thing (strained muscles, joints, tendons etc.) or if they burned their pads or both. I was terrified I'd given my dogs heat stroke, but fortunately the cool water after the hike helped bring them back down. They're getting better today than on Friday or Saturday, but what a scare.


Just a warning to those out there who might be thinking of hiking with their hounds this summer... Even when you think your hounds are conditioned, it's better to be safe and be more conservative in your judgment.


Be safe, all!


Oh, and PS, there was poison oak all over the damn place at this campground! I deserve a gold star at least for not letting them get into it!

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Don't beat yourself up about it. (Let us do that for you! :P. joke). Seriously, thanks for posting this. We all make mistakes and it helps to be reminded that others do too and that we can all learn from them.


Snuggles and ice cream for Greta and Swiftie. Hope you all feel better soon.

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Live and learn. I would just keep an eye on them-eating and drinking ok??? Keep an eye on their urine color too.



This is very important - if the urine starts to get pinkish/red - get to the ER vet ASAP.


Hopefully, everything will be OK.

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Guest lynne893

Oh my gosh, you guys, so the leg shaking could've been a result of heat stroke? Yikes. I feel SO BAD.


Their urine was really dark seeming compared to usual, but I didn't make anything of it because it didn't look too crazy.


The good news is that they've both fully recovered and are total pistols the past couple of days, but it sounds like our girls survived heat stroke.


I feel just terrible, but defnitely learned a hard lesson.


Thank you very much for pointing out these serious symptoms.

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