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Meloxicam And Incontinence (Spelling?)

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I have had my 12 yr old male on Meloxicam (1/2 tablet) for about 4-5 months - every other day. When we get into the card to go for a ride, he gets so excited he poops in the car (fun!). He never did this before and I was wondering if anyone knows if this could be a side effect of the Meloxicam. He takes it because he has LarPar - to help him breathe.

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I was wondering, too. Usually Doxepin is helpful for LP. Meloxicam is an anti-inflammatory.


I have a boy who sometimes poops before we get to the right spot--even stopping in the middle of the street if he has to go. And when a neighbor was giving him a fun, ruffle-up-all-the-fur petting session, he started pooping, too. He's 13, has LP, is taking Doxepin, and is not taking meloxicam (which gave him an ulcer).

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