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Not Sure What Is Going On....

Guest Hollys2hounds

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Guest Hollys2hounds

Hi All! Haven't been on GT in a very long time, but when I was, everyone was always so helpful. I am concerned tonight, and was hoping someone could help..


My Lexy just turned 9 in June. Her health has always been excellent, except for the occasional gurgly tummy, she has been well. Thank God.


*Yesterday she started with the gurgly tummy. I have no idea why. She has not gotten into anything that I am aware of, but that said, I never know 100% what she might have eaten in the yard. She hardly ate yesterday. Even when I made boiled chicken and rice.

*I gave her a pepcid this morning, but she still would not eat.
*Her nose is dry and warm.

*She had loose stool, but not uncontrollable.

*Her behavior was a bit odd, as she jumped on my couch, and napped, which SHE HAS NEVER DONE in the almost 7 years she has been with me.

*Now I have noticed what seem to be muscle twitches in her rear legs.

*I finally got her to eat some boiled hamberger tonight, and made sure she was drinking water.

*She is somewhat lethargic, but did get excited about going for a walk.


Stomach virus? Trip to the vet? Not sure what to do?


Any advice would be helpful.


Thanks you kindly!!




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Yep, know how that is. If your vet is open Saturday morning as long as she is eating and drinking ok you could wait till then to see if its still necessary to take her in. If you don't already have some Manuka honey is great for gurgly, upset tummies.

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Pepcid doesn't seem to help my Tessa's tummy gurgles so I give her Gas-X. I ay try the Manuka honey next time.


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