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Canine Seizure Research Study

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Lucy was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy a little over 20 months ago. For anyone who has a dog with epilepsy, you know that it can be a heart-wrenching disease. You can have your dogs on medicines and do all the right things but, your dog can still go into status (seizures that don't stop). There is no telling which dog will live to 14 years old and which one will be discovered in status or already expired when you come home. Like I said, a heart wrenching disease.


Since Lucy was diagnosed, I have been doing research on her seizure dates but, it has only been recently that I have had enough dates to make sense of the data. As a result, I believe I have made a clear breakthrough. She was having most of her seizures when certain spatial points were being activated. There were also identifiable patterns when she escalated and as a result needed more medicine. This just occurred again this past week and resulted in an increase of medicines. I am still going to be studying Lucy's patterns more closely but, with a different focus -- to be able to identify periods in the future when her seizure activity could be higher.


In the interim, I am going to expand the study to include more dogs. If I could find a pattern in Lucy's past seizures, maybe I can find it in other dogs. With this in mind, I am looking for dogs to participate in this research study. Each dog participating must meet certain requirements which are listed on my web page. There are no charges or any fees for participants in the study, all costs for the research are borne by my company.


If you are interested, more information is on my web site at:



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