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What's Wring With Molly?

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I'm house sitting for a friend who has 6 dogs. They're all lovely. We got here Friday and Molly, my normally outgoing, self-confident girl is not acting like herself. She's not hanging out with the rest of us but rather choosing to either go crate herself in the basement or lay on the bed on the bedroom.


Also, rather than free feeding I'm having to feed meals twice a day and she's eating almost nothing.


I'm here until Friday. Is this her adjusting to a new pack in a strange house? Something else?

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Since I assume you are at Molly's house,.. How is the weather there? Are there fireworks going off in the neighborhood? My Birdie acts that way when fireworks/thunderstorms are happening. Hopefully she is just adjusting to a new person and routine.


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She's probably just adjusting... Does she have any food sensitivities? I would feed her something extra yummy just to get some food in her belly. Usually when we have visitors they catch on pretty quick that my two aren't fed kibble and they go in hunger strike until I add in some extra yumminess so it's fair :hehe




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If Molly isn't used to having so many friends around 24/7 she might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. New house, new rules, new habits - just a bit too much for her right away. See if she'll eat in her crate when it's quiet and she's feeling relaxed. Then just let her be until she decides she's ready to join in.

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