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Satin Ball Recipe Made Into Jerky

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I have a senior broodie who is losing weight she can't afford to lose. Missy Pea is also a picky eater. She will eat a full meal at breakfast, and again at dinner, but will not eat much in between. She's eaten Satin Balls in the past. I am wondering if anyone has had success making a form of the recipe into jerky. Pea loves jerky!


Thoughts? Suggestions?


In case anyone wonders, Pea eats a half pound of Freshpet Select (Beef or Poultry) mashed up and mixed with one cup of Kirkland Select Chicken & Rice at each meal. She will eat small amounts of treats between meals. We've tried going to three or four meals spaced out between breakfast and dinner with no success. We've tried adding more kibble. Sle leaves it in the bowl.

You! Out of the gene pool!

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Guest greygirls2

I don't know about all the ingredients in there like the molasses and stuff....may not dry properly. I make jerky out of ground chicen or turkey mixed with whatever vegetables they like. You can add a little garlic powder and parmesan cheese for extra yummy taste. You can use ground beef but it needs to be lean not fatty like what's recommended for the satin balls.

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