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What's Going On With Tara? Post-Dental "cough"

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I have been looking after my friend's grey, Tara, for the past few weeks. She had just had a dental a few days before her mom dropped her off, and she came out of it with this "cough", which the vet told her was due to irritation from the tube and prescribed Linctol cough mixture.


But it's already been several weeks, and it appears to be getting worse. Sunday she had an episode that seemed to go on forever, and she is now having them several times a day instead of once every few days. This is a small snippet of what it looks/sounds like:




Any advice?

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It sounds like a reverse sneeze. Usually it's an irritation in the throat, sometimes from draining sinuses or inhaled pollen something like that.


When it starts, try putting your fingers across her nostrils for a few seconds, until she swallows. See an article here. The article has a link to a YouTube video of an Italian greyhound having the problem. And watch the beagle and his owner here.


I think I'd want the vet to check for irritation in Tara's throat--just to rule out some other problem.


ETA: You might try her on Benadryl to see if that clears up the problem. Use "straight" Benadryl (or its generic); don't get one with a fever reducer or headache med.

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It does sound a bit like a reverse sneeze, but it's hard to say from the video. Since it has the same start date as the surgery, I would also tend to believe it is related. Irritation from the tube should not be going on several weeks later - unless there was some sort of injury. I would actually take her to a different vet for an exam and xrays - better than try and have the original vet diagnose a problem he caused himself. NOT saying he did, but it just seems prudent.

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