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Costco Kirkland Flea And Tick

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It was rumored to be the same as Frontline, but the ingredients are not the same... I finally got the guts up to try it last year on the cats and dogs. No reaction on either of the animals and it seemed to do the job. Rainy will get chemical burn from Revolution, so I was braced for a reaction. At $19.99 for 6 doses it's the cheapest thing I've ever been brave enough to try.


I hadn't seen it in any of the Costco stores yet this year until last week. I grabbed a box and went on my merry way. At checkout the lady loading my cart said that she's so happy that the just put it back on the market after pulling it last year. My face went white and I asked why they pulled it off the shelves. Apparently some lady with a super teeny tiny dog put MULTIPLE doses of the extra large dog size on her dog and it died. I split the large dose between both my dogs!


She thought it would get rid of the fleas faster that way. So Sad :( But it makes me feel better that they yanked the product off the shelves while they did the investigation. The box now comes with a bright orange post card inside telling you to consult a vet and follow the directions


Now does anyone know of a generic Sentinel? :flip Then we will be saving money on all fronts!




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Sentinel is now at pretty much a generic price. Since putting it back on the market (and not bringing Interceptor back in the US), Sentinel is priced at the Interceptor price.


I bought a 12-month supply for Twiggy from Drs Foster & Smith for about $85 a couple months ago.



A lot of vendors are trying to make big bucks by charging the old price hoping no one will know better.


Drs F&S is a Vet-VIPPS pharmacy, so safe to order from in the US.

Wendy with Twiggy, fosterless while Twiggy's fighting the good fight, and Donnie & Aiden the kitties

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