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Best Way To Remove Large Band Aid From Fur

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I have used rubbing alcohol- soaked the fabric and then slowly pulled in the direction of the fur while holding skin taught. A little at a time. Make sure it's soaked. If it dries, it gums-up again.


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Vegetable oil will also do it. Use as AEB describes for rubbing alcohol. I would say Vaseline but liquid oils -- corn, olive, canola, peanut -- seem to work better than the solid petroleum-based ones. Glop it on, let it sit for a few minutes, lay your finger on skin just *out*side of bandage, begin peeling edge of bandage with other hand. When it doesn't want to come up anymore, glop on some more oil right at the edge that's still stuck on, let sit for a few minutes, etc.

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Guest Clawsandpaws

Be careful and go slow! There are actually adhesive removers that they sell in some pet stores, we use them at the kennel. You could also buy adhesive remover from most grocery stores (for humans, so check the ingredients, although I doubt any would be extremely harmful.


I am a bad mommy and once just took off a band aid all willy nilly and ripped off most of the fur, the skin was red and irritated for days :( I felt so bad.

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Guest Jchallis87

i usually put my grey in the tub and let it soak. my bandaids come off in the shower i figured it would work for her too. took a little longer but it worked in warm water (submerged)

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First thing that comes to my mind is Jerry Seinfeld saying, "Straight off! Like a Band-Aide!"


I have never worried myself with a dog losing a tiny bit of fur when I have to remove a band aide. Then again, I grew up with a Marine for a father and that's how we took off band aides--peel up a tiny bit and rip it off. Hurts for a fraction of a second, and then it's over.


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Actually my preference is WD-40 with the little red nozzle on it. Lift up a corner or end of bandage and direct a little spray of WD-40 at the base of it where the adhesive is. Wait a few seconds and it generally will lift right up. Might need to do it a couple of times like that to remove the whole bandage but remarkably it does NOT leave hardly any oil or grease on their fur. PAM also works but not as good.

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Peanut butter, mayonnaise, anything that's oily will cut the goo, and I tend to use substances that won't hurt the dog if he licks it.


Since you said large band-aid, I wouldn't just pull. You don't want to yank out a large area of hair, and you don't want to irritate the skin so much that your boy will feel the need to lick it--and the original injury--to make it feel better.


I once used peanut butter to get the chewing gum out from between the pads of Sam's foot. He kept licking the peanut butter and just generally getting in my way. I stuck a glob of peanut butter on his hip to keep him busy and distracted while I worked on his foot.


Oreo came over to help me--and just generally got in the way--so I stuck a glob of peanut butter on her hip and let her wander off to lick it.

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