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Can't Keep Anything Down

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So my 11 year old boy has been throwing up spit and phlegm and is on Prilosec and some anti vomiting meds. We went out of town and now he cannot keep water or food down. AT ALL. I managed to get some of his meds in with a tablespoon of applesauce. He has managed to keep that down. I am giving him small amounts of water, which he seems to be tolerating. We have an appointment this afternoon for an x-ray. Vet seems to think its his esophagus. Not sure about that since everything is coming back.

Any advice on what else I can feed him and how to get him rehydrated??? He is a delicate old man. He was a medical dog before we got him and deserves to be comfy in his old age!!

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Guest Clawsandpaws

Maybe some pedialyte? Can you call your vet and ask? You might just want to wait, if the vet is worried they can always put an IV in

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If you have a video of your dog throwing up, show the vet. Its either from the stomach or regurgitation. That helps the vet to know.

My Plummer was not vomiting from the stomach, she was regurgitating. It went on for a long while and continued to get worse. I helped him by giving him

Ensure. The outcome of my situation was not good, but not everyone is the same. Good luck and let us know what is going on.

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