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Odd Reaction To Anesthetic?

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Hi! Katie was in for a dental today, and had to have a carnassial pulled, so required extra anesthetic. They told me that when they were bringing her out from the anesthetic, they were just about to move her when she bolted upright and tried to jump off the table, on the other side from where the vet and vet tech were, of course. There was a tech who was on the other side and kept her from banging her head, but she did get banged up on the belly a bit from hitting the edge of the table. Is this unusual? Should I ask them to make a note for the future (not that I think any of them will forget the experience!)? Or is this ot really a big deal and I can just let it go?


Rebecca and Katie


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Not usual-they most likely had her in a very light anesthesia plane during the procedure. I'm assuming they were able to do this because they used an oral block (novacaine). It's a good thing to keep them light if you can. Sometimes just a slight stimulus is all it takes to arouse them once the anesthetic gas (isoflurane) is turned off. This can happen with any pet but, I have found that greyhounds can be especially a pita to recover :-)

In your girls case I would see what pre-operative drugs they used.

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You want to find out (and make notes of) what she was given. If you take her back to her normal vet, they'll know, but if you ever have to take her somewhere else in a pinch, you want to know what she was given so you can advise the vet.

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