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Hey all-

Long story but it came to be that I now have an app on my phone for finding vet clinics based on my current location. Useful for traveling. It's called the "Iams Vet 24/7" - I'm sure there's an iPhone version as well. I know you can also use the map app to search for vets but this seems to be a bit easier as Google Maps isn't always 100% accurate. Again, not sure about the Apple versions :)


I've also scanned and have on my phone (via Google Docs) Bella's vet records, her registration certfiicate, her NYC license, etc. That way I always have the info with me and don't have to carry the paper ones when we travel.



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Dave (GLS DeviousDavid) - 6/27/18
Gracie (AMF Saying Grace) - 10/21/12
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I never thought about looking for an app. Since we are on the road all the time, I have to find emergency vets at each location, just in case. This will make it easier.


Mom to Jaxson 5/12/2017

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