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Anal Gland Abscess?

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Dylan is having his annual anal gland problem...had them expressed a week ago Sunday. By Wednesday his butt was leaking oily fish smelling yuck again. Talked to the vet on Friday and decided to put him on Simplicef 200mg. Has been leaking on and off some blood tinged goop. Noticed today with a flashlight there is a small pinhead sized hole next to the opening of the rectum. Is that an abscess? I'm using warm Epsom salt soaks on him and started him on Claritin since I know in my heart this has something to do with allergies...any other advise?

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Our Galgo, Marco, had an infected anal gland last year. A round of antibiotics cured it. (Sorry can't remember which antibiotics).

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The openings for the anal glands are small, pin-hole-size points located at approximately 4 and 8 o'clock in relation to the anus, so the hole you're seeing may be the hole that's supposed to be there.


Others probably will chime in with more info on the best antibiotic and other recommendations.


Poor boy...

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What you described is exactly what Bobbers looked like when hers got abscessed. A round of antibiotics cleared the abscess and supplementation with The Missing Link eliminated future problems. Reba started with the anal gland issues too and this time I treated her with Silica 6X tissue salt (www.webvitamins.com) . It only cost about $5 for a bottle. When I seen it "worked" I ordered a bunch more bottles lol. Only a few more doses(3 "pills" twice a day for ~5 days) and she was apparently cured as there have been no problems since.

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That sounds like the infected anal gland that Pal had. It took three courses of Baytril to completely clear it up.

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